Fremdprojekte sind Workshops der anderen Fablabs, die wir mit jeweils 15 Teilnehmern durchführen sollen. Uns wurden die folgenden Projekte zugeteilt

Zu Freiwilligen siehe auch die schon etwas ältere Freiwilligen-Liste von Mitte 2017


Altersgruppe Young Minds, 10-14 Jahre

A Droposcope is a simple microscope which uses a drop of water as a lens. The image of organisms inside a water drop is projected on a screen using a laser.

11 Apr 16:00 Mel,Melanie


Altersgruppe Young Minds, 10-14 Jahre

Photonics principle: Understanding theoretical points such as ‘total internal reflection’, ‘colour mixing’ and the process of ‘fluorescence’.

ASCIIShort description: The participants can make their own custom-made clear polymer plate with a hidden message. Applying ink patterns makes the light escape from the plate and displays an image.

27. Jan Wolfgang


Altersgruppe Students, 15-18 Jahre

Photonics principle: Reflection, refraction, diffraction and interference

Short description: Participants will make a hologram using a laser, and create a ‘Scratch’ hologram manually, to understand the light theory behind holography and the applications of 3D technologies.

24.5.2019 19:00 Ulrike,Klaus,Ivo,Holger

IRglove (abgeschlossen)

Altersgruppe Students, 15-18 Jahre


Photonics principle: This Photonics Workshop starts with the principle of wavelengths in infrared used to send a signal with e.g. your remote control. Most remote controls make use of near infrared light with wavelengths between 800 and 950 nm.

irglove.jpgShort description: The participants will build an IRglove that will serve as a remote control for a certain device. By joining two fingertips, a signal will be emitted by the IR emitter to a TV or a radio. A controller and a battery integrated in a bracelet are attached to the glove.


Photonics Piano

Altersgruppe Young professionals, 18+ Jahre

Photonics principle: In this workshop the basic principles of light are explained: the speed of light, the refractive index, reflection and refraction, total internal reflection.

Short description: Optical fibers and music: the Photonics Harp. Each note in the harp will have a different coloured LED connected and aligned to a fibre. When pressing down a fibre, the fibre gets misaligned and the emitted light cannot be coupled anymore in the fibres. The light switching process is coupled with sound. A note will be produced once the corresponding illuminated fibre is switched off.

14 März 18:30 Holger
25 April 18:00 Holger

Spectrometric Pi-Camera (abgeschlossen)


Altersgruppe Young professionals, 18+ Jahre

Photonics principle: Spectrometry

spectro-pi-camera.jpgShort description: Raspberry pi technology provides us with low cost and form factor design while still packing the computational punch to do some complex tasks. This makes it an ideal platform to underpin a more advanced spectrometer that has a dedicated camera and processing system. Ideal to work out a spectrometer.

29.1.1918:30Philip12 Teilnehmer
13.3.1918:30Philip4 Teilnehmer

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